Little Monkeys

22nd January 2012 by Helen

Sometimes things happen that are both good and bad at the same time – what do you think of this story?  Is it good or bad?

a monkey drinks from a left over drinks carton

We visited a small town right on the edge of the Amazon Basin the other day, called Misahoualli.  As we walked around looking for somewhere to stop and eat we noticed lots of very small monkeys right in the middle of a pavement.  Lots of tourists were taking photos and we took some photos too.

We really liked being able to see the little monkeys up so close but we were really sad to see them eating left over food people had thrown away.

They had been really clever in learning how to get at some of the food and drinks.  We even watched one monkey deliberately smash and break a glass bottle to find out if anything was inside.

Then we watched the monkeys go back into the forest.  They climbed up a pole and onto some power cables and used the cables to travel across a big open space and back into the trees.

these clever little monkeys have learned how to use man’s modern technology to help them get around

We think this is a good and bad story.  Good because we could see how easily the monkeys had learned to adapt to living so close to people, using the power cables and finding easy ways of getting food.  Bad because we don’t think it is right that wild animals should depend on humans for food in this way, and also bad because human food is not very healthy for most animals.

What do you think?

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