Rice anyone?

4th February 2012 by Helen

Try some Rice?

paddy fields in Peru

What’s your favourite food? Do you like meat or vegetables? Do you like chips? What about eggs or toast? Your body needs all sorts of things like vitamins and minerals, and even some fat to stay fit and healthy and it gets these things from the food you eat.

One thing the body needs from food is something called carbohydrates. That’s because the body is able to use this to make a type of sugar that gives you energy.

In England most people get this stuff from eating potatoes (including chips) but in lots of other parts of the world they get these carbohydrates from rice.

Especially where we are now in Peru. All the way through Mexico, Central America and now in South America we’ve found people eat lots and lots of rice.

Rice is grown in lots of countries around the world. Even some countries in Europe, such as France, Italy and Greece, but not in England which is too cold. The two countries in the whole world that grow the most rice are China and India.

We never used to know much about how rice was grown. But here in Peru we’ve seen something called ’paddy fields’ which is what fields where rice is growing are called. The rice is grown in small fields that are flooded with water. When the rice plant is nearly fully grown no more water is allowed into that part of the field and gradually the water is used up by the plants or drains away and then the rice can be harvested. In many countries this is still usually done by hand, although in some places, such as the United States, harvesting machines are used.

The fully grown rice plant is about 1m tall and the grains of rice are found at the top of a stem, a bit like wheat (which is grown in England).


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