Camping in Torotoro

22nd May 2012 by Helen

Landy stuck in the mud at Torotoro

Sometimes when we camp, it is in very wild places that are right out in the middle of the countryside, far from anyone else.  These places are sometimes hard to get to, and we have to drive over rivers and rocks to find a flat place to camp.  Other times we have stayed in organised camp-sites, which are easy to get to and have facilities like toilets and rubbish bins nearby.

When we visited the town of Torotoro in Bolivia, we asked if there was somewhere we could camp.  The young man in the tourist office sent us to the town camp-site, which was a nice flat bit of grassy ground on the edge of town.  The only problem was that this organised camp-site was as hard to get to as some of our wild camp-sites!

Because it was made for people who are travelling on foot, there was no way to get a car onto the grass.  There were walls on three sides, and a river on the fourth side.  Rivers are no problem for Landy, so we drove down onto the river bed, hoping to drive up onto the grass to camp.

But the mud was soft, and Landy’s wheels sank in deep, right up to the axles!

It took us two hours to dig him out so that we could set up camp.  And two more hours again in the morning to go back the way we had come, through the soft mud.  We had to use our winch to pull Landy out because his wheels kept spinning in the mud.  It was hard work!

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  1. Daniel V. says:

    You can try in “Villa Etelvina”

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