Stuck in Salt

7th June 2012 by Helen

The Bolivian salt flats are HUGE, so huge it takes a couple of days to drive right across them.  And that’s driving really fast without traffic lights or roundabouts or anything else to slow you down.

But we found something that slowed us down – A LOT!!  Salt.

Now, when the water in the huge lake in Bolivia evaporates there’s lots of salt left.  There’s so much salt that it forms a crust on top of the water and mud.  That crust is so thick that it’s possible to drive over most of it.  But at the edges it gets a bit thin.  And where it gets a bit thin it’s possible for the crust to break.

That’s what happened to us when we got to the edge of the salt surface.  Landy is very heavy.  The crust broke where it was thin and we got stuck.  It was partly our fault because we had missed seeing a rocky road that had been built out from the land to where the salt is safer.  It took us nearly two days to get out again.  Take a look at the pictures below:





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