Getting in to hot water

6th January 2013 by Helen

The earth is just amazing isn’t it?

We’ve been to see an amazing place today.  Here in Chile we are close to lots of volcanoes (remember we talked about them before?).  Very very deep under the ground it gets very very hot.  Too hot for us to even imagine!  600 degrees centigrade in some places!!  That’s very very deep though.  It’s not that hot nearer the surface so don’t worry about burning your toes.

Sometimes that very hot ground comes to the surface and bursts out in volcanoes.  But sometimes, in places where there are lots of volcanoes, very hot water comes out of the earth in what are called “hot springs”.  Another name is “fumaroles”.

We hiked up a steep mountainside, through lots of forest.  Eventually we reached the top and found the hot springs.  We could see the water bubbling up out of the ground, making small pools of hot water.  We paddled in some of the pools.  Then we got some mud out of the bottom of the pool and painted our faces!

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