Do you need a haircut?

22nd March 2013 by Helen

Down on the farm I met some sheep that definitely needed a haircut.  So I went out with the farmer to see what happened when the sheep went for their haicrut.  Watch the video to see what I saw.


sheep shearing in Chile from Going Overland (KidSpace) on Vimeo.


Some facts:

Almost all sheep have WOOL not hair (some special breeds have hair but not many)

The cutting of the wool is called SHEARING

The wool that has been cut off each sheep is called a FLEECE

After shearing the fleece is cleaned, spun into woollen yarn and can made into things like clothes, blankets and carpets

Sheep are normally SHEARED in Spring when the weather is warm, but the sheep in the video are being sheared in autumn.  That’s why the young ones have not been sheared.  It will be harder on them with the winter if their wool coats are too short.

After the sheep have been sheared they are said to have been SHORN - that is where Sean the Sheep got his name from.  Shorn and Sean sound the same.

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