Charities raise money to help people who need extra help.  In the countries we are going to there are lots of charities who help poor people.  Here are three of them. 

CNCF LOGO. 02.08In some countries children do not have a home to live in.  They have to sleep on the street.  They have no-one to look after them.  The Christina Noble Foundation helps look after children in Mongolia and Vietnam to live in proper homes.  This helps them stay safe as they grow up.  (Parents can donate to Christina’s ongoing work at out CNCF JustGiving page here GoingOverland4Children)

RC+websiteLots of people are worried about climate change.  Rainforests help the planet to stop global warming.  Every year a rainforest area larger than England is burned or cut down. Therefore the deforestation of the tropical rainforests is the single most important source of CO2 emissions in the world, and about 20% of all global CO2 emissions are caused by rainforest deforestation.  We expect to see rainforests when we go to Central America, South America and Africa.  Rainforest Concern helps look after the rainforests.  (Parents can donate to Rainforest Concern’s work via our JustGiving page GoingOverland4Rainforests)

WA_IN_SUPPORT_LOGOWe all need water to drink and cook.  Some poor people in countries like Africa and India do not have clean water or toilets and bathrooms.  Water Aid helps these people get clean water.  This helps people to have better health.  (Parents can donate to Water Aid through our Just Giving page GoingOverland4Water)