Landy’s Modifications

Landy's new suspension

Landy's new suspension

We are making a lot of changes to Landy so that we can live in him, and so that he can cope better with all the different places we will be visiting.  

Some of the bigger changes we are making are listed here. 

If you don’t know what some of them mean, or what they are for, why not send us a question so that we can explain?

  1. Spare wheel carrier on rear door
  2. Rear side lockers replacing rear side windows
  3. Roof tent
  4. Four 100w spot lamps
  5. Chequer plating to wing tops and bonnet
  6. Winch & bumper
  7. Eberspacher diesel cab heater
  8. Hot water heat exchanger, with shower
  9. Security locks on all doors
  10. Heavy duty shock absorbers front and rear
  11. Raised air intake
  12. 12v pumped water filtration system