Why drive?

We want to do something that is an adventure.  At the same time we want to see the world and learn about other people and cultures.  We want a challenge.

 a little flying here?We did think about ‘backpacking’ – catching buses and trains and carrying everything we need in rucksacks on our backs.  But we decided we are a bit too old for that.

Flying everywhere is too expensive.  And normal planes don’t fly to the remote areas we want to visit.  Flying is also not very environmentally friendly.

So we chose driving by car.

A Mongolian Family with their motorbike

A Mongolian Family with their motorbike

We know some people will say driving is not very environmentally friendly.  But even with so much driving we think our carbon footprint will still be less than it is living at home.  That is because we won’t be using heating and lighting in a house or driving lots of miles every week for our jobs.