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South America

Big Steps (about Dinosaurs in Bolivia) -23rd May 2012
Lizards in the Sand – Peru – 20th March 2012
Little Monkeys – Ecuador – 22nd January 2012
Big Questions for the New Year – Ecuador – 2nd January 2012

Mexico & Central America

Children’s butterfly website – relates to October blog about butterflies –

Wildlife references in the blogs for Mexico & Central America

Wallowing Cows – Panama – 12th October 2011
Crazy Frog – Costa Rica - 6th October 2011
Swinging like monkeys – 4th October 2011
Spooky Forest – Costa Rica – 30th September 2011
Turtles lay their eggs in front of us – Nicaragua – 25th September 2011
Crabs & fishing - Honduras – 20th August 2011
insects in Landy Bear visits a coffee farm in Honduras – 13th August 2011
Wild flowers and butterflies in El Salvador – 24th July 2011
Noises in the night (animal sounds) – Guatemala - 12th July 2011
Belize Zoo – 25th June 2011
Hunting for food – 19th June 2011
Life in rural Mexico – 10th June 2011
Amazing sights (ploughing with oxen) – 25th May 2011
Living on the beach – 17th May 2011
Dinosaurs (plastic) – 8th May 2011

North America

Blogs from North America run from December 2010 to April 2011, covering a wide range of geological, historical and wildlife topics.  Wildlife references that may be useful include:

Gila monster – 10th April 2011
Pet cheetah – 5th March 2011
Peacocks – 3rd March 2011
Snake (part of a wildlife sanctuary) – 1st March 2011
Burros (wild donkeys) – 28th February 2011
Kaibib squirrels – 13th February 2011
Scats and tracks – 27th January 2011 & 22nd January 2011
Seattle Zoo – 17th December 2010
Polar bears – 3rd December 2010
Reindee – 3rd December 2010

discovertheforestThis US Department of Agriculture site “Discover the Forest” has a variety of children’s online activities such as using a compass and learning about the animals of the forest (tracking, animal sounds, etc). 



Alaska & Canada

Blogs dated October, November include photos of animals and animal footprints – including photos of wild reindeer and foxes.  Rooks have also been very common here.

Star the Reindeer – discussion over Star being kept as a pet in Anchorage Alaska – blog dated 2nd December

alaska kids logoAlaskan schools’ and education website with information, images and activites relating to the people, history, geography and animals of Alaska


Central Asia

Blogs cover period July to September – and include photographs of a variety of animals seen on expedition, from camels and goats in the desert to sheep, yak and cows on the plains.


Other materials

Grand Canyon Creatures – Wordsearch (KS2)

Monkeys of the forest - Wordsearch (KS2)

Amazing Animals – quiz (KS2)

Cats and Dogs - wordsearch (KS2)

Spooky Spiders - online link to interactive lesson about tarantulas, commonly found in South America – also available as word documents under resources above

Rainforest Concern education resource