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South America

A place called Huaylloma – Bolivia – 24th May 201
Little and Large – Bolivia – 23rd May 2012
Zebra Crossing – Bolivia – 17th May 2012
Sugar is White – Bolivia – 1st May 2012
Rice anyone – Peru – 4th February 2012
Big Questions for the New Year – Ecuador – 2nd January 2012
Learning about the effects of Global Warming – Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador – 17th November 2011
Equatorial Magic – Ecuador – 8th November 2011

Mexico & Central America

Blog highlights include

A really big Canal – Panama Canal – 22nd October 2011
Meeting an Ambassador – Costa Rica – 7th October 2011
Hanging on a High Wire – Lake Tiscapa, Nicaragua – 24th September 2011
Visiting a Volcano – Niaragua – 14th September 2011
Somoto Canyon in Nicaragua (Geology & Adventure) – 31st August 2011
Disabled at birth – Nicaragua – 25th August 2011
No Toys? (Children’s toys) – Nicaragua – 22nd August 2011 *see also info sheet ‘Jacks’
Crabs & fishing - Honduras – 20th August 2011
Meeting the Garifuna people in Honduras – 18th August 2011
Artisan’s School & building styles in El Salvador – 29th July 2011
School in El Salvador – 22nd July 2011 *see also info sheet ‘Jacks’
Driving off road in El Salvador – 17th July 2011
Children’s Play – Guatemala (15th July 2011)
Mayan ruins in Mexico – 19th June 2011
Hunters (in Mexico) – 19th June 2011
Life in rural Mexico – 10th June 2011
Funding school equipment – 10th June 2011
Amazing sights – 25th May 2011
No Internet… – 20th May 2011 *see also info sheet ‘Jacks’
Living on the beach – 17th May
Man on the run – 17th May 2011
Mexican Pyramids – 1st May 2011
Mexican uprising – 29th April 2011
Driving into a film set – 27th April 2011



 * info sheet on ‘Jacks’, children’s game commonly played in Mexico and Central America




North America

Blogs from North America run from December 2010 to April 2011.

Highlights include:


From American history: Ghost towns of Montana (11th January); Dr Martin Luther King (18th January); towns and life along the Pony Express Trail (27th January 2011); Indian writing at Newspaper Rock (6th February);
Hoover Dam (23rd February 2011); mining history in Death Valley (28th February 2011); Billy the Kid & Silver City (12th April 2011); Gila Cave Dwellings (18th April 2011)







Alaska & Canada

Blogs dated October & November include visit to Arctic Circle and town of North Pole famous for celebrating Christmas all year round

alaska kids logo

Alaskan schools’ and education website with information, images and activites relating to the people, history, geography and animals of Alaska


Mongolia & the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF)

1.  Blogs from Mongolia (August 2010) include visit to CNCF and photos

2. Thinking about child homelessness - additional notes / series of linked activities to develop understanding of problems facing children who are homeless

3.  Kent Treptow photography from Mongolia can be downloaded to RealPlayer from his website

4. YouTube – news report from August 2007

5. Written reports - 1997 news article2005 news article, 2008 report2005 New Internationalist article

6. January news report from Mongolia-Web and article from Mongolia-Web on the psychosocial impact of the Dzud on children.

7. Mongolian album of photographer and writer Ellen Shapiro.

8. The Mongolian ger.

9.  Fact Sheet – Mongolian Street Children - information sheet to support fundraising activities


Other materials

Indian tribes of Arizona – wordsearch (KS2)

Anthropology – word quiz with pictures and clues (KS2 & KS3)

Flags worksheet – rearrange the letters (KS2)

Flags worksheet – match the flag to the name of the country (KS2)

Crack the Code - using the code match the words written in code (Russian) to the similar sounding words in English – KS2

Foreign Exchange (1) – maths questions based on money exchange – this is produced as a word document – please feel free to amend to meet your current teaching methods – KS2

Wordsearch – based on the word ANTIPODES (to go with visits to antipode sites in Mongolia at the end of August 2010)

Wordsearch – based on the word PETROGLYPHS (to go with visit to Kazakhstan Petroglyphs in July 2010)

Wordsearch – based on word ANTHROPOLOGY

Images & Logos – worksheet relating to advertising and media pressure (KS2 & KS3)

Also: Tea (20th December 2010); San Francisco (12th March);