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South America

The driest desert in the world – Chile – 15th November 2012
Map facts – 25th August 2012
Red Lake – Bolivia – 8th June 2012
Stuck in Salt – Bolivia – 7th June 2012
Cactus Island – Bolivia – 4th June2012
The importance of Salt – 4th June 2012
Lorry Rescue – Bolivia – 26th May 2012
Big Steps – Bolivia – 23rd May 2012
Tight Spaces – Bolivia – 23rd May 2012
Camping in Torotoro – Bolivia – 22nd May 2012
Landy climbs High – Cordilleras Blanca mountains, Peru – 12th April 2012
Lizards in the Sand – Peru – 20th March 2011
Rice anyone? – Paddy fields in northern Peru – 4th February 2012
Learning about the effects of Global Warming – Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador – 17th November 2011
Equatorial Magic – Ecuador – 8th November 2011

Central America

Blogs that may be of relevance to Science and Nature include:

Darien Gap – between Panama and Colombia – 23rd October 2011
A really big canal – Panama – 22nd October 2011
Hanging on a High Wire – Lake Tiscapa, Nicaragua – 24th September 2011

Beach camp (geography) in Nicaragua – 9th September 2011
Somoto Canyon in Nicaragua (Geology & Adventure) – 31st August 2011
Power cuts cause chaos in Honduras – 11th August 2011
Our first puncture and some scary driving – 9th August 2011
Artisan’s School & building styles in El Salvador – 29th July 2011
Wild flowers and butterflies in El Salvador – 24th July 2011
Driving off road in El Salvador – 17th July 2011
Coffee Production – El Salvador (16th July 2011); Honduras (13th August 2011)
Raining in the Jungle in Belize – 1st July 2011
Landy goes on a big raft to cross a river – 21st June 2011
The food we don’t eat – 10th June 2011
Lumps of ice fall from the sky – 12th June 2011
Dinosaurs in Mexico City (plastic) – 8th June 2011





Blogs from North America run from December 2010 to April 2011.  Of particular relevance to science & nature includes:

Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake and the unusual oolitic sand there (22nd January); the nearby Bonneville Salt Flats (and the Land Speed Record) (25th January 2011); Sandstone cliffs (27th January 2011);
Death Valley with it’s harsh environment and unusual features (28th February 2011); Beaches of California (18th March 2011)

Geological wonders of Canyonlands and surrounding districts, including Sedona and Grand Canyon (29th January, 30th January, 4th February, 6th February, 9th February 2011)

Road collapse (18th March 2011) 


discovertheforestThis US Department of Agriculture site “Discover the Forest” has a variety of children’s online activities such as using a compass and learning about the animals of the forest (tracking, animal sounds, etc).  Click on the logo on the left to go to the website.



iyof logo2011 is the International Year of the Forest – as promoted on the US Department of Agriculture site – includes Kid’s page as well as general information. Click on the logo on the left to go to the website.






Alaska & Canada

 Blogs from October & November 2010 include coverage of weather (snow / temperature)

alaska kids logoAlaskan schools’ and education website with information, images and activites relating to the people, history, geography and animals of Alaska


Travel across international date line

Time Zones - additional notes and YouTube links specific to time zones, latitude & longitude, international date line relating to Landy’s Adventures

Physical & Human Geography - using the map on Landy’s Adventures / latitude & longitude


Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia and Russian Far East)

Landy’s Adventures blogs for July, August, September cover Central Asia

Much of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia and the Russian Far East do not have running water and sewerage systems.  Few people in these areas have access to clean drinking water, collecting water from communal taps and relying on outdoor toilet pits.  Some references made in blogs on both websites (July to September 2010).

Water Aid resources include The Water Family Game (on-line interactive game about the uses and importance of water) and YouTube videos: Splish Splash Flush  (about sanitation); The Stink Goes On (campaign video and sanitation issues); The Adventures of Super Toilet; Life without Loos: chef (what life could be like without toilets)

Further Water Aid teaching resources can be found in their free resource Learn Zone, as well as fundraising tips and resources for schools through their website.

Water – True or False – quiz (KS2 & KS3)

How much water? – how much water is in the human body (KS2)

Weather wordsearch


Other materials

Wordsearch – based on the word ANTIPODES (to go with visits to antipode sites in Mongolia at the end of August 2010)

Wordsearch – based on the word PETROGLYPHS (to go with visit to Kazakhstan Petroglyphs in July 2010)

Wordsearch – based on word ANTHROPOLOGY

Anthropology – word quiz with pictures and clues (KS2 & KS3)